Skill Grade Assessment Test

In an era of a competitive environment, honing the skills is vital to survive and succeed. As the student earns either a graduate or a post-graduate degree, the student is also expected to hone skills to manage their job or a profession or a career. As educational qualifications are a prerequisite for a job, skills are also important to thrive in the job or profession or a career. To accomplish the skill requirements for a job or a profession, students must be trained in the necessary skills or enhance their skillset, if they already have one. It is recommended to hone the skills, while the students are pursuing their graduate or post-graduate courses or soon after completion of the course. Skill development is significant to students in an enterprising environment to differentiate between a skillful candidate and a general candidate.


We enrich the diverse student communities by installing confidence in their skill-set by a meaningful feedback on their present skills and the required skills, if required, to match the expectations of the industry needs.


We wish to emerge as the student community’s first choice as an innovative and inclusive platform for student success.

Core Values

We attach significance to candidate’s integrity, collaborative approach, respect for self, and perseverance to excel.

Purpose of Skill Grade Assessment Test

Skill Grade assessment is a tool to quantify the skills of the students through different phases, to measure their employability skills. Skill assessment reports would prompt the prospective employers to shortlist the candidates from the databank of SGAI for a final round of selection and eventually mail the offer letters. The rigorous assessment adopted by SGAT is a benchmark to evaluate the skills of their prospective employees, by an external agency without incurring recruitment cost.

Most employers expect their present and prospective employees to be proficient in their skillset to successfully perform their jobs. In the hiring process, skill assessment tests are most commonly used and most employers emphasize on their applicants to take a skill assessment test in order to narrow down their list of candidates who will be invited to a job interview.

At this context, in order to assess the skills of the candidates, we conduct an assessment test spread over various phases, which includes a pen and paper based written examination, followed by an interview.


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In an assessment test, we quantify the skills of the candidates in four phases, which includes a pen and paper based written examination in two phases, soft-skills examination in the third phase and interviewing skills in the fourth phase.

Skill Grade Assessment Test (phase:1)

In this phase assesses the student’s preparedness and their competencies on the English language, logical reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude , and data analysis.

there will be four sections,with each section comprise 30 questions.


Mode of assessment test      : The assessment test will be pen-and-paper based in off-line mode.

Test pattern                            : It is an objective-based test.

Negative marking                   : Yes 

The questions booklet is an integrated model, wherein OMR sheet is integrated to the questions booklet.

Soft Skills Assessment Test (phase:2)

The students qualified in the skill grade assessment test shall progress to soft skill assessment test, which tests their soft-skills knowledge on communication, group discussion, paper presentation, and writing skills.

The soft-skills of the candidates participating in the test, shall be examined by the leading professionals from the industry.

Technical Interview (phase:3)

The students obtaining qualifying mark in soft skill assessment test, shall progress to technical interview which shall be conducted in two rounds:

A 30 member’s team from different sectors of MNCs will conduct the test, basing on the profile of the candidates. The technical round shall comprise of many sessions and each session shall be headed by a team of 3-5 members.


A case shall be given to the students, and they are expected to analyze the case and write the program.

HR Mock Interview (phase:4)

Students qualified in all the three phases, eventually enter the Hr mock interview, which tests their alertness, body language, confidence, emotional maturity, control of anger and aggression, empathetic attitude, and stable personality. In a mock round of interview, student’s attitude will be assessed on the aforesaid traits.

The details of the students will be stored in SGAT databank, which shall be shared to the HR of the corporates to shortlist for a final round of interview and hire

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